Harlin Museum Displays

This display tells the history of the Grand Ole Opry from the very beginning
Porter Wagoner’s Grammer guitar he played on his syndicated TV show, which ran from 1960-1981 and aired locally on KY3 from 1963 until it ended production in 1981
Memorabilia from George D. Hay Society founder Eric Lewis’ 65-year music career

The Harlin Museum was previously owned by the James Harlin family. James Harlin was the mayor of West Plains, MO during part of the early 20th century. The Harlin house was built in 1889 and donated by the family to the City of West Plains for a museum. The brick addition that is the front entrance to the museum was later added thanks to a grant.

Tax-Deductable donations can be made to:

George D. Hay Society
P.O. Box 1625
West Plains, MO 65775